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Ultrasonic Rechargeable Toothbrush SetR - Bell'Art Cosmetics

Ultrasonic Rechargeable Toothbrush SetR

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Patented Sonic Technology with up to 35,000 micro-brushes per minute for a deep clean-Say goodbye to stains and yellowing brought on by food, improve gum health in two weeks

3 modes OF NORMAL, MIX AND SUPER to suit different conditions of teeth and gums.

High Capacity Rechargeable Battery- One full charge via USB outlet with 4 hours can last 30 days for twice brushing per day, with low battery reminding.Smart timer encourages 2 minutes with a reminder every 30 seconds of brushing as recommended by dentists

IPX6 Waterproof- Integral enclosed design allows full-body washable- 55 gram super lightweight design for handing lighter and making less noise than regular electric toothbrush 

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